Ballsville Beef Parts denies wrong-doing.
Welcome to Ballsville

Welcome to Ballsville -- home of the Ballsville Rodeo and the Ballsville Beef Parts company.

Due to recent FLOODING, the court-house will be operating out of the post-office until further notice. -- Oct 20, 2007

Property tax assessments will be shifting to a calendar-year basis starting January 1st. -- Sept 14, 2007

The electronic voting machines have been sold, please do not send any more inquiries. -- Sept 13, 2007

Tuesday's public hearing on redistricting was canceled. -- July 22, 2007

Hillcrest Girlz now has free wi-fi. -- May 4, 2007

Ad hoc deputies are asked to turn in their badges to Taylor Mercedes. -- April 18, 2007

10.03.2007 Mary-Ellen-Jo Ferguson Named Belle of 5th Annual Feed and Fertilizer Benefit.
10.24.2007 Famous "Ronald Reagan Beef Ball" Stolen, Eaten.
10.13.2007 Joe-Joe-John Hazelroot Jr., 3, named Top Quarterback Recruit, Ballsville High class of 2024.
10.06.2007 77 ways to cook with Ranch Dressing
10.06.2007 Ballsville Beef Parts Donates Coffins, Haz-Mat Suits "Just In Case."
10.01.2007 Superintendent vows to eradicate tainted Ballsville Beef-Parts, Charles Darwin.
Ballsville Town Hall 525 Rodeo Street, Ballsville, TX 02482
Monday - Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
© Copyright 2007 Ballsville, TX
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